Which seafood markets in Devon should you visit for fresh catches?

When it comes to fresh seafood, there's no better place to look than the picturesque South Devon coastline. The region is a treasure trove of marine delicacies, teeming with succulent crab, lobster and an array of fish, caught daily by local fishermen. This article showcases the best seafood markets in Devon, taking into account the freshness of their catch, their local reputation and the variety of seafood available.

Brixham Fish Market

As you journey through the charming town of Brixham, you'll come across the sight of fishing boats swaying gently in the harbour. This is a prelude to the maritime wonder that is the Brixham Fish Market - the largest in England by value of fish sold. The market is an early morning spectacle, with auctions starting as the sun breaks over the harbour.

The market itself is unpretentious and focused on the task at hand: Providing the best, freshest seafood caught from the waters surrounding Devon. Here, you'll find an astonishing variety of fish, crab, and lobster, brought in by the local boats. The market is a testament to the region’s vibrant fishing industry, echoing with the shouts of auctioneers and the chatter of buyers haggling for the freshest catch of the day.

South Devon Crab Market

South Devon is renowned for its crab, and no visit would be complete without a trip to the local crab market. The market showcases the best of Devon's crustacean offerings, with local fishermen bringing in their catches throughout the day. The moment you step foot in the market, you're greeted by the irresistible aroma of fresh crab.

Here, you'll find a variety of species, each caught in the clear, clean waters of the local sea. The crab is available in all forms - whole, dressed or simply the meat, providing for every preference. What makes this market stand out is the commitment to quality and sustainability - every crab sold here is caught using methods that ensure the long-term health of the crab population.

Devon’s Seafood Restaurants

While not a market in the conventional sense, Devon's array of seafood restaurants deserve a mention in this list. These establishments serve as the final link in the chain from sea to plate, serving up the region's best seafood, freshly caught and expertly prepared.

You can take your pick from the many restaurants dotted along the coastline, each with its own unique take on seafood cuisine. The chefs at these establishments work closely with local fishermen and markets, ensuring the seafood they serve is the freshest possible. You'll find everything from traditional fish and chips to sophisticated lobster dishes, each prepared to accentuate the freshness and flavour of the local catch.

Honesty Box Seafood Stalls

In the quieter corners of Devon, you’ll discover a humble yet charming tradition – honesty box seafood stalls. These stalls are run by local fishermen who sell their day's catch directly to the public. Here, the seafood is as fresh as it gets, often caught just a few hours before.

These stalls offer a variety of seafood, ranging from fish to crab and lobster, all caught in the local sea. The concept is simple - take what you want and leave the money in the honesty box. Though these stalls may not have the variety found in larger markets, the freshness and quality of their seafood are unmatched.

Local Food Festivals

Devon is home to several food festivals throughout the year, which showcase the region's culinary bounty. These festivals feature numerous seafood stalls, where local fishermen and restaurateurs serve their finest catches, cooked to perfection.

These festivals are a gastronomic delight, offering an opportunity to sample a variety of seafood dishes, each boasting the fresh, delectable flavours of the sea. From Brixham's annual Fishstock festival to the Crab and Lobster Feasts in various towns, these events are a testament to Devon's rich seafood culture. They're also a celebration of the local fishing community, which works tirelessly to bring these marine treasures to our plates.

Plymouth Fish Market

Located in the heart of Plymouth, an iconic city on the English Riviera, you will find one of the most vibrant fish markets in Devon. The Plymouth Fish Market is a bustling hub where the freshest seafood is showcased and sold directly from the day boats. It provides an authentic experience of a traditional English fish market.

This market is well-known for its variety of fish and seafood, caught by local fishermen who take pride in their catch. The abundance of seafood is a testament to the rich marine life off the South West coast. The market is also unique for its live auctions where you can bid on the catch of the day, an activity that adds excitement to the shopping experience.

What sets Plymouth Fish Market apart is its commitment to quality and sustainability. The market operates year-round, providing a consistent supply of fresh fish and seafood to locals and tourists alike. The market also supports local fishermen and promotes sustainable fishing practices, resonating with the ethos of the South Devon community.

Shaldon's Seafood Coast

Shaldon, a quaint village on the South Devon coast, boasts a thriving seafood coast that is a gem for seafood lovers. Overlooking the picturesque Teign Estuary, this stretch of coast is dotted with seafood stalls selling the freshest catches straight from the boats.

As you stroll along the coast, you'll find a variety of seafood on offer. From traditional fish and chips to succulent crab and lobster, the coast provides a feast for your taste buds. Most of the stalls also offer ready-to-eat seafood delicacies, giving you a chance to savour the fresh taste of the sea on the spot.

The seafood coast is also a hub for local fishermen who sell their day's catch directly to the public. This not only ensures the freshness of the seafood but also supports the local fishing community. Shaldon's Seafood Coast is undoubtedly an under-the-radar spot that is worth a visit for any seafood aficionado.


Devon, with its rich maritime history and picturesque coastline, is a seafood paradise. The region’s seafood markets, from the bustling Brixham Fish Market to the quaint honesty box seafood stalls, provide a plethora of choice when it comes to fresh catches. Whether you're a local seafood enthusiast or a tourist seeking the authentic taste of the English Riviera, these markets are sure to delight your taste buds. Don't forget the amazing seafood restaurants and food festivals that celebrate the region's bountiful catches and culinary creativity. Visit Devon and let the taste of the freshest seafood catch your heart.