Worcester District Attorney’s Office Selected as National Criminal Justice Trauma Training Site – Sentinel and Enterprise

WORCESTER – The Worcester County Attorney’s Office has been selected as one of 10 sites across the country to host a criminal justice trauma training program offered by SAMHSA’s GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation , District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. announced Thursday, according to a press release from Early’s office.

This SAMHSA-endorsed program will help the office provide “How Being Informed About Trauma Improves Criminal Justice System Responses” training to 20 professionals from the Worcester and Plymouth District Attorney’s and Sheriff’s Offices, the State Police of Massachusetts, as well as other local laws. law enforcement and social service agencies, to become trainers, according to Early’s office.

“We see trauma at the forefront of many issues within our criminal justice system. Recognizing and addressing this trauma and its effects is a priority in our office,” Early said. “We are honored to have been selected as one of only 10 sites to host this training, which will help our office and partners be fully trained to avoid re-traumatizing individuals in the criminal justice system.”

The two-day training will teach participants how to train their own staff to ensure trauma-informed responses are implemented statewide.

As the SAMHSA GAINS Center notes, “it increases everyone’s safety, decreases the risk of recidivism, and supports the recovery of men and women involved in the justice system with serious mental illness.”

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