West Seattle Blog… | New training site for maritime workers, just across the bay

Across the bay from the northeast shore of West Seattle, one of these cranes Terminal 46 (south of Colman Dock) has just come back to life, and that’s partly because of the Terminal 5 project here. the Pacific Maritime Association rent the one on the left, Crane 80, from North West Seaports Alliance for a new training center. Two weeks after the governing members of the NWSA — the Port Commissioners of Seattle and Tacoma — approved it, there was a press conference at the terminal on Thursday. Among the speakers, the commissioner of the Port of Seattle Stephanie Bowman:

The PMA – 70 shipping lines and terminal operators operating in the 29 West Coast ports – has held training at West Seattle’s Terminal 5, but will not be able to do so once the first modernized berth opens there early next year. LDCs Nairobi Russia spoke about the role of training in preparing workers:

ILWU Local 19 President Rich Austin says it meets a growing need.

To be ready for use in training, according to NWSA documents, Crane 80 needs about $600,000 of work. The cranes became port property after Total Terminals International left the T-46 at the end of 2019.

For the use of the crane, part of the T-46 and the offices, the PMA will pay approximately $1.2 million per year. The long-term future of the T-46 remains uncertain – a proposal to convert part of it into a cruise terminal was scrapped last year. But the training center won’t be its only short-term use – it will also be used for container overflow, both inbound and outbound.

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