WATCH: Henrico firefighters use Libbie Mill buildings as new training site

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – Firefighters in Henrico have found a new use for homes that were originally slated for demolition. Now, these homes are a training ground for firefighters of all experience levels to learn new skills.

Fire crews now use 30 homes in the Libbie Mill area of ​​Henrico for training. These homes were originally slated for demolition as Libbie Mill prepares to expand, but teams will now use the structures to practice breaking doors, drilling holes in roofs, carrying out research in unknown houses and applying water jets.

It’s described as a ‘public-private’ effort that allows firefighters access to real structures instead of using a drill rig during training, which will ultimately help them fight fires more effectively at home. ‘coming.

This new form of training already benefits less experienced firefighters as well as old pros.

“One of the things in the fire service that we have as part of our essence is the understanding that the day you stop learning is the day you have to retire,” said Mark Cumashot, Henrico Fire Division of Fire Captain. “We have people coming out as employees in their 25s and 30s who are learning something new, and we have recruits who are new to the department coming out.”

Cumashot also said he hopes training at Libbie Mill will create the opportunity for more public-private partnerships for the department in the future.

You can watch footage of the crew training on the Henrico government YouTube channel.

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