Warner Bros locks in an official title

Almost three years ago, Warner Bros commissioned a script for the training day prequel to blacklist literary talent Nick Yarborough, taking the reins from scribe-turned-director David Ayer. It’s safe to say that anyone who had hoped to see another sequel to Antoine Fuqua’s 2001 Oscar-winning crime drama starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke would probably have lost hope by then. Thankfully, the radio silence has been broken as this prequel moves forward and locks down an official title: Training Day – Riot Day.

The status update came to attention after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Bill SB144 into law, effectively granting US$330 million / AU$454.5 million in appropriations. film and television industry tax; in addition to the US$330 million / AU$454.5 million the state has already awarded Hollywood, as noted /Movie. Warner Bros, of course, offered a slice of the $16.2 million pie, including $9.1 million / AU$12.5 million. Training Day – Riot Day.

As previously reported by Jeff Sneider of Collider, the prequel will take place almost a decade before the events of the first film in late April 1992 – that is, two days before Rodney King’s verdict is due. Los Angeles was already a “powder keg just waiting to explode” that week, and the decision to let the LAPD officers responsible for his beating go free was the very fuse that sparked the infamous LA riots.

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riot day will focus on a younger version of twisted LAPD narcotics detective Alonzo Harris, originally portrayed by Denzel Washington and arguably his most iconic role to date. Washington would win his first Best Actor Oscar thanks to training day and its second golden statuette in total after Glory (Best Supporting Actor as Private Sias Trip).

Unfortunately – and for obvious age-related reasons – neither Denzel Washington nor Ethan Hawke are attached to the project, even though rumors are circulating that the son and Principle Star John David Washington is in talks to play young detective Alonzo Harris. Here’s to hoping…

And I know what you’re thinking. After ravaging the legacy of two beloved IP addresses in The Sopranos (The Many Saints of Newark) and The matrix (Resurrections) so recently, Warner Bros is understandably still in the niche. Fuel was only added to the bonfire when you consider that the original cast members, director Antoine Fuqua, screenwriter David Ayer aren’t even involved.

CBS’ training day prequel series starring Bill Paxton and Justin Cromwell.

Plus it doesn’t help the stench of failed CBS training day The series starring Bill Paxton and Justin Cromwell still lingers on…despite premiering nearly half a decade ago in 2017. But we remain hopeful that something special will hit theaters in the years to come.

According to Deadlineat one point there was an idea to do the aforementioned series produced by the legendary Jerry Bruckheimer (Superior gun, Remember the titans, Black Hawk Down) a “real sequel” 15 years after the events of Antoine Fuqua training day featuring the surviving main characters like Ethan Hawke’s rookie LAPD officer Jake Hoyt. This obviously never materialized once negotiations with Hawke broke down, although the fact that such an idea did seducing him to begin with indicates that seeds of potential still exist in the established mythology.

Keep an eye here for all relevant updates on the upcoming training day prequel riot day – casting details, release date, trailer, etc.

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