Visit the Provo Missionary Training Center

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Want to visit the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC)? You can do this in three ways: in person, on a virtual tour or on video.

The Missionary Training Center allows tours for Church youth groups as well as families and other members of the general public. These tours are designed to help you experience what it is like to be a missionary at Provo MTC.

In-person on-site visit

Register to attend an on-site visit to Provo MTC, either as a stake/ward youth group or simply with family and friends. This tour includes a one-mile campus walk that lasts approximately one hour and includes visits to some of the major sites around campus, including the cafeteria, gym, residence hall, and classrooms. Enjoy meeting some missionaries at the end who will share their MTC experience.

Virtual tour

Register to participate in a live virtual tour of Provo MTC as a stake/ward youth group or just with your family and friends. This tour is designed specifically for a virtual audience and will be guided by a few recently returned missionaries who will virtually “walk” you through campus to see the cafeteria, gym, a residence hall, and an in-session TCM class. Enjoy hearing from a few missionaries as they share their MTC experience.

Video tour

If you are unable to schedule an onsite or virtual tour, a video tour is also available at

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