Video: Kendall McLean tears up Revelstoke Loam in ‘Training Day’

Mountain biking, as its name suggests, is a very intense sport. One that people should treat with the utmost caution and respect. Mountain biking was designed from the ground up to be taken as seriously as humanly possible.

Says no mountain biker, ever.

For many people, mountain biking is much simpler than that. Some people call it an escape, others say it gives them purpose. Well, for Kendall, he has a lot of fun flying over anything in front of him on two wheels (he’s actually been racing for 13 years, by the way).

My workout routine is a bit like pow surfing, ski-pulled sleds, yoga, free weights, and a little secret I call fun.Kendall McLean

Some of you might recognize Kendall as the long-haired, Specialized-clad lighting machine from the BC Cups over the years. Yes, it’s the same guy from the podium. And yes, this video is an accurate depiction of his workout regimen. Eating good food, riding fun trails, and keeping smiles big and nerdy are all essential for success in sports; at least in Kendall’s eyes

great quotes Seriously, I struggle with the monotony of going to the gym; so i try to stay light by doing a variety of exercises that are good for my body and my mental health.Kendall McLean


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