US Simulator Training Center seeks to hire simulator technician for A320 and B737

AeroStar Training Services, a pilot training group including a simulator training center, is looking for a “Level 2-3” A320 and B737 Simulator Technician. Please see an excerpt from the job posting below.

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“Hiring who will apply advanced knowledge and experience to solve unusually complex or system problems on simulators and other hardware; those that generally cannot be resolved by referring to service manuals or similar documents alone. At this level, the Lead Simulator Maintenance Technician has demonstrated the ability to solve a variety of complex simulator and/or aircraft system problems. The incumbent will provide technical guidance, supervision and instruction to subcontractor simulator technicians.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Applies advanced knowledge and experience to solve unusually complex or systemic problems; those that generally cannot be resolved by referring to service manuals or similar documents alone.
  • Receives limited technical guidance, as required, from supervisors and work is reviewed to ensure that it specifically conforms to accepted practices and work assignments.
  • Provides technical advice and mentorship to less skilled technicians, including contractors.
  • Provides supervision and instruction to sub-contractors as required.
  • Interprets and works with computer systems using various and multiple operating systems.
  • Perform quality control inspections and inspect maintenance work performed.
  • Maintains required documentation of maintenance activities.
  • Monitors and tracks the repair status of inoperative equipment and documents maintenance activities using the logistics management database system. Documentation of maintenance activities includes, but is not limited to, generation and updates of work orders, documentation of repair actions, issuance, return and adjustment of inventory, ensuring inventory records are up to date and accurate, as well as other assigned material control duties.
  • Diagnose malfunctions of computers and associated equipment and perform operability/readiness testing and repairs.
  • Performs interface/fault isolation of systems.
  • Applies basic troubleshooting procedures in the maintenance of interfaces and peripheral equipment used with computers.
  • Interpret mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic diagrams and drawings and make simplified versions.
  • Performs voice communications over telephone, inter-telephone and radio circuits.
  • Provides support for networks and information systems on devices and training networks.
  • Recommends changes based on knowledge and past experience.
  • Uses knowledge of simulators and aircraft systems to interpret advanced technical data.

Qualifications and training requirements:

  • The position requires a technical college diploma or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 4-5+ years of related experience maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and operating full flight simulators or an equivalent combination of technical background related to electronics, electromechanical, computer , aviation or simulation technology and/or related practical work experience in the maintenance and operation of full flight simulators
  • Knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures in a particular field
  • Ability to function effectively in a team environment
  • Strong computer skills
  • Must be able to work independently and lead subordinates
  • Must be able to work overtime as needed
  • Must be willing to work any shift or day of the week as needed
  • Ability to read and understand electrical diagrams and drawings.
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret the most complex words and technical documents/diagrams
  • Math skills needed to complete the required tasks
  • Highly motivated and independent
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including technical writing and presentation skills”

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