Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Spirit site for negotiation training with DC United, and more

Good morning! Yesterday I felt like DC United had plenty of time between games because instead of less than 72 hours between kick-offs, it was an incredible 90+ hours between kick-offs! Can you imagine? What an absurdly long time between games! Maybe a whole year as well.

Ha, just kidding, there actually hasn’t been enough time yet again, the schedule is going to eat us all up. Here is the injury update:

It’s not great, but if Andy Najar and Paul Arriola find themselves on the positive side of this TBD, United are suddenly much more formidable going forward. Hoping for good news around 6:35 p.m. tomorrow.

Washington Spirit trains at local high school amid dispute with DC United over use of facilities | Athleticism
Things are changing for the Washington Spirit right now, and that includes where training has taken place all year (there are at least six places they’ve trained this year that I’m aware of, and Pablo’s report Maurer mentions Audi Field here, which would bring the number to seven). Negotiations are ongoing over how much it would cost them to move into United’s academy, but that would be complicated by the ownership situation being worked out.

There’s a lot of detail here, including changed dynamics in Spirit’s front office, so read on.

On less ambiguous news:

Kumi Yokoyama proposed to their partner at Audi Field yesterday, which is just awesome. Congratulations to them both!

Rodolfo Pizarro could soon leave Inter Miami | 90 minutes
Our old friend Lizzy Becherano reports that Rodolfo Pizarro’s representatives met with Inter Miami recently. Certainly Miami needs to do something to settle what is basically a broken roster that will be hampered by its years-long punishment for violating MLS rules.

Kansas City NWSL and Port KC Finalize Plans for NWSL’s First Purpose-Built Stadium at Kansas City Riverfront | KCwoso.com
It’s huge news from the NWSL this morning: Kansas City NWSL announced plans to build a privately funded downtown stadium. Since we’ve already discussed the NWSL training facilities, it’s worth noting that KC already has plans underway on that front.

Kassouf: Sharing Angel City ticket revenue with players is simple and smart | soccer equalizer
Speaking of innovation, here’s an explanation of how Angel City FC’s plan to share 1% of ticket revenue with its players will work.

Alright, it’s time for breakfast. Stay dry there!

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