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The training and development department trains the Teamsters

From April 23 to May 1, the Teamsters Training and Development Department embarked on a whirlwind of events across the country, touching residents from the East Coast to the Midwest. Under its new leadership, the department is working tirelessly to build the skills of local union leaders, business agents and shop stewards through more than 20 training programs coast to coast.

“It’s great to see our 2022 schedule filling up quickly,” said Paul Trujillo, director of the Teamsters training and development department. “We are developing new programs and platforms to ensure union leaders have the resources and knowledge they need to represent members.”

Since April, the department has held steward seminars and administrator training in New York, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, DC, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and North Carolina. Last week, the department held a week-long training for sales agents in DC

“Our staff criss-crosses the country, training after training. These road warriors bring their vast knowledge and skills to people across the country,” added Trujillo.

Watch: Hear what recent training participants had to say about the program.

Just last week, the department held steward seminars, sales officer trainings and history presentations at Local 638 in Minneapolis; Local 142 in Gary, IN; Local 243 in Plymouth Township, Michigan; Local 41 in Kansas City, Missouri; Local 71 in Charlotte, North Carolina; and IBT’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“This training was very insightful and you can tell how much work went into covering so much information,” said Daniella De Leon, a Local 773 business officer in Pennsylvania who took the training last week. sales agent in DC. “I’m especially looking forward to applying contract costing skills to help members understand what’s in a new contract. With great speakers, lots of hands-on exercises, and the opportunity to working face-to-face with other sales reps across the country, this training really helps us serve members.”

In addition to upcoming seminars for stewards in other cities over the next few months, Training and Development will host a three-day training program for newly elected Local Presidents, Secretary-Treasurers and Trustees at the headquarters of the IBT later in May. In June, the department will host a Teamsters Leadership Academy course for preparing for and presenting to a grievance committee or arbitration hearing.

“This is my first training as a new local union leader and the information and feedback has been really helpful,” Jesse M. Ruiz, the newly elected senior leader of Teamsters Local 19 told Houston, Texas who attended the recent business agent training. “The various sessions in this week’s training give you an in-depth understanding of how to run a strong contract campaign, enforce contracts, understand ‘just cause’ and more.”

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