Training Day director reflects on what made the movie special

In a recent interview, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua discusses what made the Denzel Washington/Ethan Hawke thriller so special to him.

training day director Antoine Fuqua recently reflected on what made the film special to him. Written by suicide squadby David Ayer, the 2001 crime thriller starred venerable actor Denzel Washington as LAPD lead detective Alonzo Harris. He’s tasked with guiding an upstanding cop, Officer Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke), through a day of on-the-job training in preparation for a promotion to detective rank. Over the course of 24 hours, Hoyt is treated to a critical eye on the gangrenous streets of Los Angeles, where he soon realizes Harris isn’t exactly what he seems.

training day took America by storm with its tense storytelling, slick soundtrack, and gritty action. The film proved to be a hit with critics and audiences alike, with praise focusing on Washington’s and Hawke’s performances. The actors went on to earn Oscar nominations that year for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively, with Washington winning in his category. Along with critical acclaim, the film was a box office success, grossing over $100 million.


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In an interview with Movie SlashFuqua looked back on what made training day special for him. When reminded that the majority of the film is simply the two main characters in small settings, such as rooms or cars, talking to each other, the director explained that these are the moments that resonate with him the most. Read what Fuqua said below.

“Well, that’s what matters to me the most. I was just saying that to someone – this movie reminded me why I love movies. Just characters, I love characters. I love when you feel them. Not just hear them or you “You don’t just watch them, you feel them, and ‘Training Day’ was that. When they were sitting in the cafe talking, I felt them. It was the first scene I shot and I could feel them, even if they were just joking around a bit. You could feel the tension. You could see it, and it’s Denzel and it’s Ethan.

Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) Holds a Gun to the Head of Eli Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) in Training Day

As Fuqua detailed, the majority of the film is just Harris and Hoyt playing against each other as Harris leads the trainee down a twisted path of corruption and violence. Their unique personalities carry the underlying tension created by Harris’ storylines as he must scrounge up $1 million to pay off Russian mobsters for killing one of their men. When it comes to this, training day is a twisted buddy cop movie, but with a lot less comedy and a lot more suspense and anxiety than usual.

These are the characters that drive the film, creating the plot through their choices. Their individual personalities must clash to create conflict in order to heighten the tension that keeps the audience in their place. training day is a film that embodies the thriller genre with its constant twists and layered suspense. While the film may not feature a wide variety of settings or explosive settings, as Fuqua explained, it was the powerful character drama at the heart of the story that resonated with it. What did training day special for Fuqua apparently also made the film special for audiences around the world.

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