Training Day Director Antoine Fuqua talks about the moment he knew he caught lightning in a bottle with Denzel Washington

Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington have been a profitable duo in Hollywood for nearly two decades. Most of their teams have been hugely successful, from training day to Equalizer franchise. But at one point, Fuqua was a music video director turned feature filmmaker who was just starting to make waves in the film industry. The director’s style then in vogue caught the attention of Washington, which led them to work on the Oscar-nominated film training day. And the training day The director recently opened up about the moment he knew the Consistent cast caught lightning in a bottle.

While the The Magnificent Seven director is renowned for his visual storytelling, Washington first noticed Fuqua’s skills in the cult classic The replacement killers. Seeing the action-thriller, the Oscar-winning double knew he and the young director would become “a good combination.” Looking back on the longtime partnership, the action-oriented filmmaker revealed to THR that he knew early on training day would be a success before its theatrical release.

I did, actually. It’s a weird feeling. When [Washington’s] Alonzo and his crew killed [drug dealer] roger [Scott Glenn]in the car that Denzel tells [Hawke’s] Jake, ‘It’s chess, not checkers.’ I remember noting on the script that if I could seduce the audience into agreeing with Alonzo even a little, that was going to be something special. And when Denzel started telling Ethan, “Roger sold drugs to kids,” he had tears in his eyes. He was so sincere. I said to Ethan – “I’ll never forget it”, and Ethan can tell you this story – “You get nominated if you get this scene right.” Ethan came up to me after the shoot, put his arm around me and said, “I really thought you were losing your mind. I thought, “Antoine is completely losing his mind. But I was right.

Of course, Fuqua’s favorite moment is a pivotal scene in the crime thriller. Washington’s Alonzo made the scene with his emotional delivery after shooting a drug dealer. See Ethan Hawke’s reaction gathered the stage. Luckily, Fuqua followed his instinct rather than heed Hawke’s comment. But following Fuqua’s lead worked in favor of both actors, as Washington and Hawke were nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Oscars, respectively, with the former earning his second Oscar.

According to The guilty director, he and the Macbeth tragedy The star immediately formed a connection while filming the crime thriller. Directing someone of Washington’s caliber could be nerve-wracking for any director, especially on a big-budget Hollywood movie. In the 57-year-old director’s case, he was thrilled to capture the Oscar nominee’s record in film. While filming the cult classic, he recalled calming his nerves by checking in with the 67-year-old actor to see if a take was a good one. Proving he’s one of Hollywood’s most collaborative actors, the Oscar-winning double didn’t check the read as he reassured Fuqua that he trusted the rising director’s vision. This factoid shouldn’t be surprising, he vouched Elvis‘ Austin Butler to director Baz Luhrmann after working together in a Broadway play. Learning these stories just added another layer to the hidden facts of the 2001 crime thriller.

Successful Hollywood collaborators have found a winning formula since the Oscar-nominated film. Washington led Fuqua The Magnificent Seven redo with the course Equalizer franchise. The two men team up again to Equalizer 3, in which Washington gave an exciting update after the script wrapped and slotted the film into his schedule. The threequel will see another reunion happen as Washington reunites with its man on fire co-star Dakota Fanning, nearly two decades after the 2004 action flick became a smash hit.

It might be a while before the threequel happens as Antoine Fuqua now has a full schedule. He’s Preparing Will Smith-Directed Civil War Thriller Emancipation, which was reportedly pushed back to 2023 by Apple after suffering a setback following the Oscars slap controversy. It even has the Hulu docuseries Legacy: The True History of the LA Lakerswhich will be released on August 15. In the meantime, there are upcoming movies to see in 2022 to keep you worried until more Equalizer 3 updates are announced.

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