This Workout Day Prequel Is Still On The Way, And Now It Has A Title

Just months after “The Matrix Resurrections” joked that Warner Bros. would shamelessly dig up IP “with or without” those who made it special, the studio is back in the saddle, carrying the corpse of Detective Alonzo Harris, the one King Kong can’t compare to. Harris’ character features in the new story in a powder keg of a place and a time: the uprising of 92 LA. Racial unrest came to a head after a systemic miscarriage of justice: Not one of the four officers filmed beating Rodney King would be convicted of assault. When the last fires were extinguished and the final tally was drawn up, over sixty people had been killed and over two thousand injured, and over 12,000 had been arrested in the five days of destruction. Stores owned by Korean-Americans suffered the brunt of the property damage. The event highlighted a mess of contributing factors, including economic disparities (including unequal job opportunities and services), racial segregation and abuse of police power.

Harris’ placement at this time suggests we may encounter the lawyer at the crossroads of a moral crisis, perhaps just as his ethical compass is getting wobbly. It was a time when the nation had to reckon with a poor justice system and the explosive reaction to a postponed dream. Perhaps here, Alonzo is, like so many Angelenos in 1992, pushed to the limit. Those who’ve seen the 2001 original know where the path ends, but now we might see where it begins with “Training Day: Day of the Riot.”

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