The working group should take a holistic look at the training system

PETALING JAYA: Setting up an independent task force to investigate the recent death of a houseman as well as bullying between healthcare colleagues should also look at the whole training system and other causes of work-related stress, says the president of the Malaysian Medical Association, Dr. Koh Kar Chai.

“Setting up an independent task force to investigate the recent death of a housekeeper and bullying among healthcare colleagues is a good move by the Department of Health,” he said. in a statement yesterday.

On Friday, the Department of Health announced it was setting up an independent task force to investigate the death of the trainee doctor and the allegation of bullying in government facilities.

It came after media reported that a trainee doctor who was stationed at Penang Hospital early last month died after falling from a building on April 17.

MMA, Dr Koh said, had worked with the ministry over the years to examine grouse among healthcare staff and progress had been made on this.

“We cannot deny that some bullying cases have not been satisfactorily resolved and therefore an independent body will be helpful in such cases,” he said.

In Melaka, young doctors who are victims of intimidation, racial slurs and overwork can now file a complaint directly with the chairman of the Melaka health and drug committee.

Dr. Muhamad Akmal Saleh said he would personally handle each of the junior doctors’ complaints.

“I warn specialists and doctors not to intimidate people under guardianship in all public hospitals. These young doctors are there to learn and gain experience,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Dr Muhamad Akmal said complaints could be directed to him through his Facebook page and he would look into them without delay.

“These young doctors can also meet me directly at my office,” he said.

He said that the experience of trainee doctors during the housekeeping period would have a long-term impact on their careers in addition to making them competent doctors.

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