The ISU gets a new sports training center

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) — Student-athletes at Idaho State University are excited about a new addition to their athletic program.

Thanks to the Portneuf Medical Center, the space of the Sports and Orthopedic Center has been transformed into a brand new Athletic Training Center.

“The sports training room is really important to look after student athletes, prepare them for games and games, and we didn’t have a very adequate space for them,” said sports director Pauline Thiros. “It was very small. We could handle about four student athletes at a time.”

The center opened last week and can now handle up to 30 student-athletes at a time.

All athletic programs will have access to rehabilitation space, assessment tables, nutritionists and athletic trainers.

“It’s a one-stop shop in terms of sports training and sports injury care and prevention for our student athletes,” Thiros said.

Thiros believes this new addition will help them gain a recruiting edge.

“For a long time we were last in the Big Sky in terms of the quality of our athletic training space, and now we’re on par with the top programs,” Thiros said. “We are better than most and equal to almost everyone.”

This facility will also enhance the experience of student athletic coaches who are volunteering their time to help build their future.

“They follow our athletic trainers quite frequently and really use this space as a learning lab,” Thiros said. “So it fits very well with our mission as a higher education institution.”

Ultimately, Thiros says it will help boost student morale and let them know how much they want to invest in their care.

“It’s just great to be in a beautiful space with a lot of school spirit that reminds you of where you are, why you’re here and how important you are,” Thiros said. “It’s really important that we make our student-athletes feel that way.”

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