The end of the training day explained

Let’s go over some of the crimes committed by Alonzo during the film. Right off the bat, he tricks Jake into smoking PCP and later uses it as leverage against him. He also repeatedly intimidates suspects and witnesses. Alonzo later forges a search warrant to illegally enter a suspect’s house and steal money. He and his team murder a drug dealer to rob him of $1 million – watch out, they’re submitting $3 million from the bust as a police seizure, so there you have it. And oh yes, he hires a gang to assassinate Jake. Alonzo needs money to settle a debt to the Russian mafia after killing one of its members, but his many misdeeds eventually catch up with him. Jake manages to escape his impending doom at the hands of the gang and reunites with Alonzo. He then snatches the money from him to prevent Alonzo from being able to satisfy the demands of the Russians. As Alonzo heads to LAX to flee the country, he stops at a red light, allowing the Russians to catch up and shoot him. Ironically, following traffic laws resulted in his death.

The film’s original ending was much more tame. As Denzel Washington later told Charlie Rose, training day the original ending had Alonzo die off-screen. Washington didn’t think this punishment matched Alonzo’s many crimes, so he fought for a different end. In the theatrical version, Alonzo is torn apart by machine gun fire, a brutal and fitting death for a brutal character. But above all, justice is satisfying because it is not rendered by Jake or another policeman, but by the Russian mafia. Alonzo believed in street justice and that’s exactly what he got.

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