The Chilean Air Force has launched its Pillan II training system project

Today, the Chilean Air Force (FACh) held the launching ceremony of its Pillan II training system project.

The ceremony, attended by the Chilean Defense Minister, Ms. Maya Fernandez Allende and the FACh Commander-in-Chief, Air Force General Arturo Merino Nuñez, took place at the National Museum of Aeronautics and space, located in the old airport of Cerrillos. The event was broadcast live on Youtube.

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Pillan II, a complete training system

The Pillan II training project was announced on the first day of the latest edition of the International Air and Space Exhibition (FIDAE 2022), in Santiago de Chile, covered by Aviacionline.

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Although it retains a resemblance to its predecessor, the Pillan II is an entirely new aircraft, featuring an all-Chilean wing design, a longer fuselage, a completely redesigned cabin to current Glass Cockpit standards, and a HUD. In addition, 30% of its structure will be built with composite materials.

Model of the Pillan II on the ENAER stand during FIDAE 2022

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But this is an integrated training system, including more elements than the new aircraft.

The peripherals that make up this integrated military training system include a mixed reality simulator. The student sitting in the simulator will wear a virtual reality headset, which will allow the trainee to see a very realistic outdoor environment, while looking into the cockpit, he will see the real instruments.

It will also have a mission planning station on the ground for the creation of the flight plan necessary for each training outing. In addition, there is an automated tracking station, which improves flight safety, and a debriefing station to analyze the performance of each student during their preparation, with a capacity to process and present the entire flight envelope, being able to display it in both 2D and 3D maps, as well as the reproduction of the images recorded by the HUD.

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