Taqtile opens a training site in Chicago

On Tuesday, Taqtile entered into a strategic partnership with Oracle to establish a Chicago-based facility that provides hands-on augmented reality (AR) simulation training to frontline trainees, customers and enterprise partners.

The Oracle Industry Lab opened for attendees to experience the Seattle, Washington-based company’s immersive collaboration products. The lab provides several Taqtile technologies such as Manifest, its immersive AR remote guidance platform.

the Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Taqtile, Joe Clukeymentioned,

“The Oracle Industry Lab provides an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with enterprise customers and explore new use cases and implementation scenarios for Manifest. Leveraging the power of the Manifest system with the proven benefits of Oracle Database technology will provide advanced functionality to our customers, such as creating work order systems that sync seamlessly between technicians in the field and headquarters »

Manifest integrates content and tools such as AR visualizations, real-world overlays, step-by-step videos, and real-time holographic 3D (RT3D) and other assets to aid industry operations.

Its remote guidance platform works across large workforces to connect frontline workers with local or international technicians and trainers.

On-premises features

Visitors to Oracle Industry Lab can try out Taqtile’s immersive technologies, providing a space for the public to learn more about Industry 4.0 solutions and focus on the vertical markets of utilities, construction, engineering, communications and manufacturing.

Burcin Kaplanoglu, vice president of Oracle Industry Labs, added,

“We built the Chicago Lab to bring together leading innovators like Taqtile so we can jointly help customers turn bold ideas into powerful solutions that improve productivity, operational intelligence and sustainability”

The 30,000 square foot Chicago lab also offers solutions directly from Oracle’s product portfolio. Additionally, telecommunications company Verizon provides the institution with ultra-broadband connectivity that improves streaming to on-premises devices. Other technology partners include EDX Technologies, ESRI, OpenSpace and Mitsibushi Electronics.

Oracle Technology Portfolio

Oracle provides businesses with cloud-based technology applications and infrastructure that improve remote communication and collaboration.

The company’s cloud-based application hub integrates artificial intelligence (AI) systems to improve communications between the company and customers.

The hub also offers a toolkit to improve enterprise-grade processes and customer experiences with immersive technologies like IoT data and blockchain services. Oracle also provides an infrastructure network for the secure management of its enterprise-scale cloud-based products.

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