Snoop Dogg Was Confronted By Bloods While Filming ‘Training Day,’ Spice-1 Says – HotNewHipHop

There are few gang members in the world who have been able to stage themselves the way Snoop Dogg did. Even though it is far from the street, the blue color is synonymous with its brand. Needless to say, he is one of the most recognizable Crips in the world, which apparently caused a problem during the filming of 2001 training day.

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Snoop Dogg performs onstage at STARZ Madison Square Garden “Power” Season 6 Red Carpet Premiere, Concert, and Party on August 20, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Spice-1 recently encountered The art of dialogue where he recalled the time a group of Bloods tried to ambush Snoop Dogg’s trailer on set. Apparently the members of Blood were throwing bottles at Snoop’s trailer. Fortunately, an OG Crip from Los Angeles contacted Spice-1 to defuse the situation.

“In so many words, he was like, ‘Go out there and try to calm those niggas down. They will listen to you. And I’m thinking in the back of my head like, ‘Man, these niggas ain’t gonna listen to me. These niggas don’t know me.’ But ever since the OG nigga said go over there and talk to them,” he recalled.

From there, he traveled to the film set where he saw the gang members outside of Snoop’s trailer. Spice-1 explained that they seemed surprised to see him and he was able to leverage their reaction to knock them out of the area.

“I was like, ‘Man, they say you’re all throwing bottles at Snoop’s trailer and stuff. The assholes are about to call the police. We have to get the hell out of here because they might be coming. And they were like, ‘OK, cool. Let’s bounce the shit out of here. Niggas don’t try to see the [police] anyway,” he continued, revealing that they went around the corner and bonded on the weed.

“So we bounced around, walked around the corner, and started smoking weed, waiting for the pop-up to smash,” Spice-1 said. “They crossed and left. I dapped niggas and bounced and went over to Snoop’s trailer and started cutting it with him for a minute, smoking weed or whatever. I don’t think he knew why I was there.

Check out the full clip below.

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