SKLZ Launches Athletic Intelligence™ Training System in Partnership with SwitchedOn

CARLSBAD, Calif., February 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SKLZthe leader in premium fitness and sports training equipment, unveils a revolutionary new training platform for athletes and trainers, designed to engage both your brain and your body during training. SKLZ™ Athletic Intelligence makes its debut February 17 in partnership with the fully integrated company Alight training app, and offers products and programming to encompass everything an athlete needs to train reaction time, hand-eye coordination, quick decision-making, and agility. The first two SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products to be launched are the Reactive Capture and the Reactive Agility Ladder.

Cognitive training, or brain training, has become one of the most important new developmental sciences in sports training. Traditionally, cognitive training was independent of physical and athletic training. Athletes train their brain and body separately. However, in sports, your brain and body rarely function independently of each other.

SKLZ Athletic Intelligence is designed to help athletes engage their brain and body during training to work together to perceive what is happening around them, process incoming information and complete the task at hand to be better prepared for game situations.

SwitchedOn is a perceptual-cognitive-motor (PCM) training app that provides random visual and/or audio cues to help competitive athletes take their physical training to the next level by keeping their brains on. In the SwitchedOn app, the SKLZ-specific area allows athletes to choose which SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products they own and their favorite sport. SwitchedOn will then provide the athlete with specific and customizable reactive agility drills featuring their SKLZ products. The app also allows athletes to create their own random patterns by choosing colors and indices that work with SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products, giving the consumer endless possibilities.

“The best athletes perform these movements faster and more accurately than their competitors, leading them to excel on and off the field. We have developed a way to help athletes reach their highest potential by designing products and programs that allow the athlete to train these abilities,” explained Michael Cummings, Director of Education for Implus Fitness Brands. “The SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products combined with the SwitchedOn app create a training system that helps improve the brain function required in all sports.”

SKLZ Athletic Intelligence versatile products have applications in any sport or physical activity, and can be used in any sport or skill level as a pre-game warm-up, or incorporated into daily training to improve time. response and rapid decision making. More details on how the individual products can help athletes train in a unique and better way can be found below.

SKLZ Reactive Capture | $29.99 MSRP
the Reactive Capture helps improve reaction time and quick decision making by engaging the brain and body during training. By engaging the brain and body together, athletes are able to develop AI that improves their ability to respond to incoming stimuli, resulting in increased performance on game day. Exclusive online content designed by certified trainers is included so athletes can incorporate these drills into their training and challenge themselves in new ways. The Reactive Catch can be used to help athletes of any level improve their hand-eye coordination and read and react better in almost any sport. By combining color and sound cues during training, athletes are forced to think and react about the correct color to catch. Simply toss in the air and call out a color to catch to train the quick thinking and reaction needed for game situations. Use this hand-eye coordination trainer for pre-game warm-ups, practice scenarios solo or team play, training exercises or for fun in the garden. The Reactive Catch’s three-point design features authentic rounded ends and center for easy catching and casting. To find out how to use the product, see the YouTube Video SKLZ Reactive Catch.

SKLZ Responsive Agility Ladder | $49.99 MSRP – Coming Soon!

the Reactive Agility Ladder helps athletes improve acceleration, lateral speed, change of direction and reaction time by engaging the brain and body during training. By simulating game day environments to better mimic sports and make agility training more complex, athletes are able to develop AI that helps improve their ability to respond to incoming stimuli, resulting in increased performance on game day. Included in the set are exclusive online content designed by certified trainers so athletes can incorporate drills into their training and challenge themselves in new ways. The ladder’s circular shape helps train athletes’ footwork and agility in any direction for almost any sport or skill level. The scale features eight cones in four different colors to improve random response time and memory sequencing patterns. By combining colors and audible lineups during practice, athletes are forced to think and react quickly to the correct rung and cone color. Create speed lanes or perform timing drills in endless training sequences with the ladder and cones combo. Use the agility trainer for pre-game warm-ups, solo or team play scenarios, and practice drills. Designed to work on any surface including grass, turf, yard, track and concrete, the ladder sets up and folds down instantly with an included carry bag for portability. To find out how to use the product, see the SKLZ Reactive Agility Ladder YouTube Video.

SKLZ Reactive Agility Cones and Reactive Agility Markers will be added to the Athletic Intelligence collection this summer. All SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products include exclusive online programming and content designed by certified trainers.

Launch of the new training system February 17 at Dick’s Sporting Goods and online at For more details on how the training system works, see the SKLZ Athletic Intelligence YouTube Playlist.

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SwitchedOn® is a (patent pending) Perceptual-Cognitive-Motor (PCM) training app that is designed to take your physical training to the next level by keeping your brain SwitchedOn. Traditional training methods focus on improving physical OR cognitive performance separately. SwitchedOn® understands that mind and body work together and our training should reflect this. This revolutionary training method is currently used by professional athletes, US military personnel and fitness enthusiasts all over the world, and is now available on your mobile device. For more information visit:

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