Sandburg donates drive system to GPD

Carl Sandburg College Criminal Justice Program Coordinator Dr. Christopher Barber (left) demonstrates a Firearms Training Simulator System (FATS) to Galesburg Police Deputy Chief Dan Hostens to assist members of the Galesburg Police Department in training and development. (AARON FREY/Carl Sandburg College)

A firearms training simulator system that was previously purchased by Carl Sandburg College was recently donated to the Galesburg Police Department for the use of training and development officers.

The community college had acquired the FATS system but did not need it long-term after receiving a $100,000 grant for the Illinois Community College Board’s Innovative Bridge and Transitions earlier in the year that led with the purchase of the Apex Officer Pro training simulator. system.

Sandburg was funded by the “VR for WR: Virtual Training Opportunities to Increase Workforce Readiness” grant, and will help with workforce transitions for students preparing to enter the industries. of law, public safety, corrections, and security through the College’s Criminal Justice program.

Dr. Christopher Barber, Sandburg’s criminal justice program coordinator, offered to donate the FATS system to the Galesburg Police Department for free so that its officers would have the ability to use the virtual reality training device.

“For years, the GPD has been a huge supporter of our program, our students and our alumni,” Barber said. “After receiving our new simulator, we had less need to maintain the FATS system for our program. It seemed like the right and easy decision to offer him to the GPD to help his officers with their training while saving money for the city.

Funds from the ICC grant were used to purchase the Apex Officer VR training simulator as well as additional training materials and classroom technology and to support faculty professional development.

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