Police horses take part in training day

Friday, March 25, 2022

North East Force horses have gathered in West Yorkshire for a day of mutual aid training.

The North East Regional Horse Group was formed in 2019, they together hone their public order skills and exchange best practices, save money on purchases and each force organizes training days, the first event taking place in July 2021, hosted by Greater Manchester Police, who chair the group.

Forces also in the group are South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire Police and Northumbria.

On Wednesday March 23, 2022, 20 horses of all strengths took part in a series of

tailor-made training exercises, designed to test and improve their public order skills as well as the effectiveness of working together.

In addition to the horses, more than 30 WYP staff and officers voluntarily played the role of a large crowd, allowing the training to be more authentic.

The training day took place at the state-of-the-art West Yorkshire Police Training Village at Carr Gate and involved a number of challenging scenarios based on a fictional football match.

Sergeant Paul Hawkins of West Yorkshire Police Mounted Section said: ‘It was a fantastic day and it was accompanied by glorious weather.

“The event was a fantastic way to practice how we provide effective resources when we come together at mutual aid events.

Mounted Section Horses Participating in Exercises

“It’s the first event we’ve held at our center and it’s taken six months to organize and plan, and I’m really pleased with how well the day went and how interesting it was to see all the horses together.

“The Mutual Aid event was a great opportunity to show how effectively we can work together, and it was an opportunity for us to show senior officers in West Yorkshire and beyond how the Mounted Section works.

“I would like to thank the volunteers for giving their free time to help with the operation, it was a fantastic turnout and I hope everyone had a good time.

“We look forward to the next event to be hosted by another force and will continue to build our relationship by working and learning together.”

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