Oakland A:A news to use Stockton as alternate training site in 2021

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The Oakland A’s originally hoped to use Stockton for their alternate site camp last summer during the coronavirus pandemic, but settled in San Jose instead due to factors including spikes in case rates. This year they will have their chance in Stockton after all.

The A’s will use Banner Island Ballpark as an alternate practice site in 2021, the team announced Saturday. The park is home to Low-A Ports, which have been affiliated with the Minor League A since 2005.

Stockton Park is only 66 miles from the Colosseum, which is slightly further away than San Jose’s Excite Ballpark, but close enough to make it a geographically convenient location. And of course, accurate mileage can mean different things in terms of travel time depending on which Bay Area highways you’re driving on.

It remains to be seen exactly how the alternate venues will be used this season. In April, they could look a lot like they were last year, with 40-player saves staying warm for recalls and top prospects getting reps, since the minor league season doesn’t start until May. . Lindsey Adler of The Athletic reported a crucial new change earlier this month that “clubs will be allowed to set the amount for Triple-A exhibition matches against other alternative venues at their discretion” in April with league approval. In May and beyond, with the return of minors, we will see.

For now, we can say with certainty that the A’s alternate site will be at Stockton Ports Ballpark, and players will start reporting there on March 29 after the MLB camp breaks, adds Matt Kawahara of the SF Chronicle. The regular-season taxi squad that travels with the team on road trips will have up to five players, including a catcher.

In related news, here’s the latest on the 40 A-player roster, who said goodbye to one player over the weekend.

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