North Korea establishes training center for quarantine officers in N. Hamgyong province

Disease control officials in Pyongyang spray buses with disinfectant. / Image: Rodong Sinmun

North Korean authorities recently established a training center for quarantine officers in Kyongsong County, North Hamgyong Province.

This comes as North Korea establishes such training centers across the country.

According to a Daily NK source in North Hamgyong province on Wednesday, the Central People’s Health Committee and the Central Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters have been directly involved in recent efforts to establish training centers for officers. quarantine in each province.

The source said the government’s objective in establishing the centers is for each province to “autonomously” produce qualified personnel in quarantine medicine who can professionally implement the quarantine policy on the ground when the authorities declare an “emergency quarantine base” to fight viruses. like COVID-19.

As a result, North Hamgyong Province recently established a new training center for quarantine officers in Kyongsong County.

Trainees are expected to spend six months at the center to learn methods of virus detection and diagnosis, ways to separate and treat suspected cases and contacts, and other skills needed during an infectious disease outbreak.

North Korean authorities have recruited young trainees in their 30s, saying the country needs young and talented personnel as the training program aims to produce personnel who can help stop outbreaks sooner.

In addition, North Korean authorities have ordered provincial people’s health committees and emergency anti-epidemic headquarters to entrust the issuance of graduation certificates and the deployment of graduates to cadres of provincial party committees, and also that they ensure that competent staff can effectively exercise their skills in the field.

The source said the government insists on establishing a progressive medical and quarantine system and demonstrating a model example of “socialist quarantine efforts” by training quarantine personnel who can handle whatever comes their way. uneven. This applies not only to the current pandemic, but also to future viruses that may affect the world.

He said Kyongsong County is using a separate county building as a temporary residence to comfortably accommodate out-of-town trainees, and authorities plan to establish more training centers in Chongjin and other places. places in the province next year.

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