Money Hitmaker Recalls Struggles During Training Day

NOIRPINKit’s Lisa looks back on his intern days first day on the job vlog of Youth with you. The “LalisaHitmaker is one of the reality show’s mentors and shares his beautiful story from a budding dance-star to one of K-pop’s most successful stars.

Lisa wrote a letter to Youth with you candidates, inspiring them with his success story. It all started when she checked candidate profiles, which brought her back to her memory.

Lisa’s advice to budding young dancers

According to Koreaboo, the 24-year-old star felt touched by the stories of suitors she couldn’t help but relate to their stories when she was just getting started in the business. Some said they would feel lonely if they were away from their families when they joined the competition, while others admitted to having low self-esteem.

So to ease their concerns, she wrote a letter to tell everything she had been through and how she had made it. Like these young aspirants, Lisa also trained for about five years, assuring them that she knew the training was difficult.

She was also scared and went through hardships. However, it might even be more difficult for her, knowing that she was in a country that spoke a different language.

She says,

I can completely understand you because I also lived this experience. When I was 14, I wanted to be a singer… I left home alone and went to an unknown country to do an internship. I followed a high level training and I had to overcome the language barrier.

She did her best to catch up with the other trainees, who spoke pure Korean. She also had to put up with the idea of ​​being away from her family, which she couldn’t bear sometimes.

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“Sometimes I secretly cried in bed because I was so homesick,” she continued. Despite this, she worked hard and never gave up.

Fortunately, after five years of rigorous training, she became a member of BLACKPINK, which is now known as one of the most famous and successful girl groups in the world.

“I believe you can do the same,” added the Thai beauty. So she encouraged the Youth with you competitors more to continue even if things were already getting tough.

She ended her post with,

“As you try to achieve your dream, you will encounter many obstacles. However, no matter what you are facing, I hope you will continually move forward and I will be there to support you.

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Lisa as one of the most successful K-pop stars

Apart from being a member of the hit girl group BLACKPINK, Lisa also has a thriving career. She debuted her solo album last year without leaving her band.

After that, she made a number of stories and records here and there, even in the United States, for Forbes. His solo songs “Lalisa” and “Money” cemented his name as a certified hitmaker.

Lisa’s name has now stood out in the music scene, both in South Korea and abroad, which is worth it.

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