Media Flight to Woodville Training Site

Written by Emma Smith

WOODVILLE— A one-of-a-kind training site for the Melder The Army National Guard is under construction.

The Guard organized a media flight to the Woodville training site, during which local journalists were transported via a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.

Accessible by forest roads, the Woodville The training site is a brand new training ground created from the wilderness. It encompasses about 5,500 acres, and is located about 15 miles north of Lunknown.

Major Carl Lamb explained: “So here we are at the start of our range of light demolitions. The unit that will primarily use it is the 251st Sapper Company of Norway. The different types of loads they will perform here are things like line loads where they will quickly simulate creating an LZ for a helicopter and then place and go through various types of obstacles. Whether it’s wire placements or logs…we also hope this will be a training site that can be used by various interagency partners that we have.

The development recently received a building credit focused on environmental preservation. Due to the way the The area encompasses over a thousand acres of wetlands and includes critical habitats for endangered species AAtlantic Salmon and Canada Lynx.

On this subject, Major Lamb mentioned: “The Melder The Army National Guard has actually received a Secretary of the Army level award, for all of its efforts to preserve the environment – over 4,200 pages of various permits that are completed and tracked through T , to make sure we do everything we have to do.”

The training site opened this year with brand new live fire ranges which will soon be operational. With additional funding, this could be the only training site in New England that offers unrestricted demolition training.

“We have the shooting stations that are under construction here as well as the tower. It will start with a range of 25 meters, we hope to be able to push up to 1,500 meters, and it will allow us to train not only on individual weapons, but also on what we call collective service weapons. So your biggest fifty caliber machine guns, mark nineteen grenade launchers, things of that nature.

Theirelder The Army National Guard is awaiting additional funding from the Military Construction Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2023.

This new training site will allow soldiers to stay closer to home during mandatory exercise weekends and other necessary training. Otherwise, they would often go to Massachusetts or Vermont.

Theirelder The Army National Guard hopes to have the site partially operational by spring 2023.

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