MBE for the Blandford Army officer who redesigned the training system

BLANDFORD-based Army Warrant Officer Class 1 (Signals Foreman) James MaCrae has been recognized with an MBE in the Queen’s Honors List.

WO1 MaCrae will receive the award after designing and planning a new computer system to enable more efficient delivery of training programs for soldiers.

The 37-year-old was one of the lead telecommunications engineers on the project and was tasked with refreshing a 20-year-old network to ensure it remained fit for purpose into the next decade and beyond.

A Department of Defense spokesman said: “The network known as the Defense Communications and Information Systems School (DSCIS) Enhanced Training System (DETS) enables DSCIS and Defense in the broad sense to facilitate major and essential operations. investment in staff”.

WO1 MaCrae was “shocked” to learn he would receive this honour.

He said: “It was a nice surprise. I didn’t expect it at all. It’s still quite hard to understand because you’re just doing your job. It’s nice to be recognized and it’s is something you carry with you for the rest of your life, which is nice.

“When you’re teaching a new subject, you need to have the resources to deliver that training, and one thing we identified early on is that our current IT is too old and not scalable enough to deliver to the 600-700 students per year. coming year.

“This new system will allow us to deliver training at multiple sites across the military so students can log in from their own location to take the training instead of coming to Blandford to take the training, so there is a lot more flexibility.”

His citation read: “This project has been his brainchild from the start, made possible by his vision, intellect, drive and personal sacrifice to provide a training platform suitable for the modern technical staff whom the UK will have need for competitive advantage in the information age.”

The Blandford-based officer is married with two teenage daughters. He has been in the army for 20 years and participated in Op Telic in Iraq in 2005, as well as two missions in Afghanistan (Op Herrick), the last of which was in 2014.

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