Loving Giving Local: Mystic Mountain Training Center

A former Crawford County ski resort is now a youth training facility. This week the Loving Giving Local team traveled to the top of Mystic Mountain.

Mystic Mountain Training Center is a 40-acre faith-based summer day camp and youth training facility. It is located on a former ski resort between Mill Village and Cambridge Springs.

For 22 years, Denise Olczak and her husband have run the center. While horses and farm animals are at the center of everything here, there are year-round opportunities for people of all ages on land, on the water, and in the event center.

“Our teen training program starts next month and then there are adult programs going on. I have an NRA certified sports shooting instructor. We teach pistol lessons and all sorts of things for adults,” said Denise Olczak, Founder and Executive Director. “I’m a riding instructor, so I have classes all day for the adults and then after school for the kids. hope.

Mystic Mountain staff and management are all volunteers, not paid staff. The training center is financially supported by some churches but operates largely through private donations.

This surprise gift from Loving Giving Local will be used to feed hungry animals.

“We have 11 horses and we don’t have enough pasture to feed 11 horses, so I have to buy all my hay and grain,” Olczak added.

When it’s time to eat, Olczak opens the barn door and all the horses know where to go to wait for the next meal.

“Knowing today that the donation we’re bringing is going to help feed these animals behind me is a great thing, and that’s what Loving Giving Local is all about, giving back to the community, and Mystic Mountain continues to do that. do,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor, Auto Express Kia.

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