Lockheed Martin partners with AI training system for Australia

by Jon Grevatt

STELaRLab scientists are pictured testing AI decision support systems using a live, virtual and constructive training system. (Lockheed Martin)

STELaRLab, the research and development (R&D) arm of Lockheed Martin Australia, has worked with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the government’s Defense Science Technology Group (DSTG) to test a new military command and control training system. control that leverages artificial intelligence (AI).

Lockheed Martin Australia said Aug. 25 that the test featured a “live, virtual and constructive (LVC) training system” that provided “integrated air and missile defense (IAMD) decision support capabilities.”

During the exercise – conducted over several weeks – the three parties explored systems that leveraged AI to support “rapid decision-making at tactical levels of command and control in multiple domains”, the company said.

He said the LVC system was exercised in conjunction with RAAF Air Combat Managers (ABMs) who provided mission requirements from planning to execution and debriefing.

Lockheed Martin added that the technologies showcased in the exercise demonstrated the “benefits of providing task and tactical recommendations, helping ABMs think through the complexity of challenging environments.”

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