Lockheed Martin Australia tests LVC training system

Lockheed Martin Australia’s R&D team, STELaRLab, successfully tested Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) decision support capabilities using an LVC training system with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the Defense Science Technology Group (DSTG) of the Australian DoD.

The virtual exercise took place over several weeks and the partners explored systems that leverage AI to support rapid decision-making at C2 tactical levels in several areas, Lockheed Martin Australia noted in a statement from the August 25.

The exercise provided “challenging and realistic” mission requirements covering the entire mission cycle, including planning, execution and debriefing.

During the work, the R&D team managed to better understand how advanced resource allocation decision support systems can be integrated into a next-generation combat management testbed to meet the needs of air combat management.

“Being deployed with Defense and benefiting from deep operational experience providing context and feedback has been invaluable as it has enabled our STELaRLab scientists to gain critical insights in real time,” said Kevin McDonald, Director of Lockheed Martin Australia Research Engineering and Head of IAMD Research.

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