Local schools organize a joint training day

Staff from all local government schools recently gathered at the Bayside and Westside school complex for a joint training day.

The training day consisted of a wide range of education-focused workshops and sessions tailored to specific roles, and students currently completing their PGCE at the University of Gibraltar were also invited to attend.

The government said the big event was designed to give teachers, SNLSAs and nursery nurses choice and variety, with more than 100 different 1.5-hour workshops offered over the course of the day.

Participants were invited to select the three workshops that interested them the most.

Workshop topics focused on a wide range of 60 topics directly related to learning and teaching, including among others.

Some of these topics included the characteristics of an effective learner, positive behavior strategies, improving attendance, holistic child development, creating opportunities for SEND children, fine motor skills, sensory regulation and regimes, and bereavement support.

“Many education staff contributed to the day by leading workshops that showcased the areas of practice they lead within their schools or in which they have a professional interest as an individual. “, the government said.

“The contributions of these individuals provided real contextual insight into the professional development of their colleagues and the cross-sector and cross-school nature of the organization of the day greatly enhanced the professional discourse throughout.”

“Colleagues from other government departments and agencies supported the event by organizing specialized sessions and workshops for education personnel.”

“The variety of the day’s workshops was enriched by the workshops organized by the Care Agency; Human Resources Management ; the wellness team; Department of Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage; and the GAH. Additionally, there were workshops run by British suppliers. »

The government said the education-wide INSET day also offered separate full-day specific training sessions for school secretaries and science lab technicians, with objectives tailored to those roles.

“It was fantastic to see all of our staff from all of our schools coming together to participate in this INSET day,” said Director of Education Keri Scott.

“Meeting in a shared location on the same day has allowed education professionals to come together as an education community and continue to develop strong working relationships across schools and across sectors.”

“The intention was to use this new format for an INSET day to provide our staff with a wide variety of learning opportunities and to establish a more meaningful and vibrant learning community. I believe the day was very well received by the staff and this is something we will build on in the future.

Education Minister John Cortes added that the event was an amazing day for all staff working in the education sector, and the feedback was great.

“Everyone contributed and everyone learned, and as a team-building exercise it was extremely successful as well,” Dr. Cortes said.

“I could feel the positive vibes when I visited during their lunch break and spoke to many staff. Great use of our new high school campus too.

“There are plans to make it at least an annual event. The bottom line though – I am certain the day will result in real benefits to the teaching and learning experience for staff and for the children we guide through their educational journey.

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