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Lost dog nicknamed ‘Wonder Pup’ came home FIVE MILES through a busy city while his owner searched for him

A lost dog nicknamed “Wonderful Puppy” came home FIVE MILES through a busy city while his owner searched for him.

Pip got lost while chasing squirrels on a walk with the owner, 47-year-old Libby Bowles.

And as she spent 90 minutes looking for him in Leigh Woods, Bristol, the pup took to the streets and walked home.

He was caught on CCTV during his 4.6-mile walk home, which included a walk over the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The dog arrived home 20 minutes before Libby – after she went to local lost and found groups to find him, on September 18.

Locals posted updates and CCTV footage of him being spotted traveling through town – past his former home, in the park and past a local museum.

Pip, a crank, is a rabbit hunting dog rescued from Spain.

Now a therapy dog, he is well known in Bristol because he sits in Libby’s backpack as she rides her bike around the city.

Libby said: “The thing is, he’s very calm and placid unless there’s something furry to chase.

“He ran away before but he always came back, so when he didn’t I was quite worried.

“I spent an hour up and on our way on foot looking for him, and luckily met some friends who went to the other side of the woods to see if they could find him.

“They did see him, but then at the last minute he walked away from them under a fence.”

His escape sparked a citywide chase, and he was captured on CCTV at several locations around town, trotting along the sidewalk unaware of the search party.

Ms Bowles said: “At first I thought ‘how the hell is he going to get through Bristol on his own?’

“But luckily Pip has a good nose – he often takes me to his dog friends on our walks.

“Bristol’s dog community is amazing so I put him in one of the groups and got constant updates of where he was seen.

“He moved back to our old flat, outside the Bristol Museum, literally all over Bristol.

“Eventually he was seen in the park near our house, so I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew he should be able to go home from there.

“I called our neighbors and they were all waiting for him when he came back.

“He apparently trotted around the corner quite nonchalantly. He had all his dog friends and plenty of treats waiting for him.”

Pip once belonged to a hunter in Spain.

After being found on the street, he was rescued and adopted by Libby, who works in education for sustainable development.

Pip is now a therapy dog ​​and is part of a program called Read2Dogs – where children can read to him rather than adults to improve their literacy skills.

Libby said: “I was a primary school teacher and I think it’s such a valuable exercise that it has a profound effect on confidence in the classroom.

“I write books about Pip and his adventures, so children can read Pip all his exciting stories.”

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