Libra Public Prosecutor’s Delegation Continues 3rd Training Day in Cairo

CAIRO – May 24, 2022: The high-level delegation from the Libyan Prosecution, continues to receive its training country, on its third day, Tuesday, according to a press release issued by the Egyptian Prosecution.

On its third day, the course included discussions on money laundering investigations as well as financial corruption crimes.

Earlier this week, the Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office received a high-level delegation from the Libyan Public Prosecutor’s Office, led by Ali Muhammad Al-Bakush, Head of the Judicial Inspection Department at the Attorney General’s Office in Libya.

The delegation attended a training course at the Institute of Criminal Research and Training in the city of Al-Shorouk, Cairo Governorate.

This training was part of the ongoing cooperation between Advisor Hamada Al-Sawy, Attorney General of Egypt and Advisor Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, Attorney General of Libya.

The course covered the challenges of both states, the investigation of terrorism cases, the decisions and precautionary measures taken by the public prosecutor’s office regarding the reservation and listing of terrorist entities.

The training also highlighted the national role in freezing and confiscating funds from terrorists and terrorist entities.

The members of the Libyan Prosecutor’s Office also listened to detailed information regarding the services of the Judicial Inspection at the Public Ministry, explaining their terms of reference, the mechanism of its work.

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