Jamie Foxx Says ‘Day Shift’ Is Less ‘Blade’, More ‘Training Day’

Picture via Netflix

Day shift is one of those Netflix movies that made it very clear what it wanted to do; straight fantastic fun. While the film was received in a way that puts it firmly in the middle of the critical spectrum, that information is little more than fine print when the tradeoff is to watch Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Snoop Dogg. , armed to the bone with a minigun, slaughter a horde of vampires.

Indeed, with its surprisingly rich but tragically unexplored lore, like the story of the union or the nuances between the five different types of vampires referenced in the film, Day shift seemed to fully embrace a kind of Zach Snyder-esque philosophy, and Jamie Foxx, who showed boundless love for the film to the point of making plans for a franchise, never misses an opportunity to tell an enthusiastic anecdote about Day shift.

In an interview with Collider, Foxx remarked on how the Syndicate, in particular, created a curious blue-collar premise, closing comparisons to the film. Blade In the process.

I think that’s what’s ingenious about the film. That makes him a blue collar. It’s like people say “Blade.” I said, “No, you have to see it. It’s not Blade. It’s not that. ” It is convenient. He’s a guy who collects teeth to raise money so he can take care of his child. And it just so happens to be the craziest world we all fall into.

He would go on to compare the film to the 2001 one training dayin that he finds himself in a dire situation after chasing a target he shouldn’t have chased.

My character has been there for a while, but a bit like in training day when Denzel takes money from the wrong people, and he’s about to… He ends up dying, he’s with me, I’m going against his teeth. And I end up killing… This old lady is actually someone’s daughter. And so, then Karla Souza, who is amazing in her role, now the stakes get higher. It’s like, “I played with the wrong vampire in a way.” So I think having this union prepares us for that, if we want to do something more, it’s a great home base, if that makes sense.

Day shift is available to stream on Netflix.

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