Jamie Foxx playing Mike Tyson on the Workout Day Director’s TV show

Jamie Foxx is finally playing Mike Tyson, as a serial version of the boxer’s life would unfold with Antoine Fuqua and Martin Scorsese.

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx plays Mike Tyson on TV show training day director Antoine Fuqua. Crowned heavyweight champion at the age of 20, Tyson earned a reputation as one of the most dominant boxers in history. But Tyson’s story turned dark later after a stint in prison due to a rape conviction, followed by a shocking incident where he bit off opponent Evander Holyfield’s ear during a game.

Considering his incredible life story with its many twists and turns, Tyson would seem like perfect fodder for a biopic. Indeed, Tyson’s life was detailed in documentary form with the acclaimed 2008 film Tyson. Since 2014, Oscar-winning actor Foxx has also been trying to set up his own fictionalized account of Tyson’s life. Martin Scorsese has indeed been attached to the planned feature in Tyson’s story for years as a producer. Recently though, it was revealed that Hulu was moving forward with their own Tyson limited series. Ironan unauthorized biography that Tyson himself immediately criticized as “cultural misappropriationwhile calling for a boycott of Hulu.


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It may not be a coincidence that just days after Hulu announced plans for its Tyson show, Foxx’s take on Tyson’s life is finally moving forward – just not in the form of a feature film as expected. . As reported by The envelopeFoxx will get his wish to star as Tyson in a limited series with training day director Fuqua is handling directing duties and Scorsese is still on board as executive producer. Colin Preston has already written the pilot script and is reportedly working on writing the remaining episodes. The show has not yet been picked up by any network or streaming service. Unlike Hulu’s Unauthorized Biography Ironthe new project has the full blessing of Tyson himself, who said in a statement:

“I had been looking to tell my story for some time. With the recent launch of Legends Only League and the excitement of the fans following my return to the ring, now is the perfect time. I look forward to collaborating with Martin, Antoine, Jamie and the entire creative team to bring audiences a series that not only captures my professional and personal journey, but also inspires and entertains.

Mysteries of Mike Tyson

Foxx himself may have hinted at the coming announcement when several months ago he made an Instagram post teasing that he was starting to train for his role as Tyson. Foxx has, of course, already triumphed in bringing a real person to the big screen when he won the Best Actor Oscar for playing music legend Ray Charles in the 2004 film. Ray. Playing Tyson will obviously be a very different challenge for Foxx, given Tyson’s intimidating physical presence and fierce boxing style that has led to many early knockouts (and disappointed pay-per-view clients).

Tyson the boxer is of course much less interesting than Tyson the man, whose biography indeed has everything needed for a three-act story, with his rise from poverty to boxing glory, his disgrace via his own self-destructive actions and eventual third-act resurrection as a pop culture figure, Adult Swim cartoon character, podcaster and more. Of course, just because the ingredients are there, there’s no guarantee the finished show will successfully find drama in Tyson’s life. It will also be fascinating, if the two Tyson projects do indeed come to fruition, to see how the authorized and unauthorized accounts differ in their portrayal of the boxer. Tyson himself is very honest about his story, so there’s no reason to believe his story will be whitewashed in order to tone down the darker elements. Indeed, this obscurity is necessary to give the story its full scope.

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