ISRP, based in France, opens the region’s first psychomotricity training center in Dubai

Dubai: The France-based Higher Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation (ISRP), which provides innovative therapeutic techniques to patients with neurological disorders, has announced the opening of the region’s first psychomotor therapy training center in Dubai.

The announcement was made during a press conference at Sofitel Dubai DownTown on Tuesday attended by Dr Wadeia Sharif, Director of Medical Education Research Department at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dr Abdulmajeed Alkhajeh Consultant, Department of Medical Education and Research at DHA, Taha Abdul Rahim Ketait, Director of Health Insurance System Management at DHA, Mark Soubiran – General Manager in charge of International Affairs – ISRP and Musa Alsadoon, Regional Director of the New Center for ISRP training in the Knowledge Village in Dubai.

The newly launched training center will provide healthcare professionals across the country and region with training programs in Psychomotor Therapy (PMT), an innovative treatment for young and old who face mental and neurological dysfunctions , including learning disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy. , mental illnesses and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Mark Soubiran, ISRP’s managing director in charge of international affairs, said the choice of Dubai to host the first training center of its kind in the Middle East, aims to complement the growing reputation of the emirate and the country in as major international hubs for the global healthcare industry.

He said this also follows an in-depth study of the markets in the region, which revealed that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are one of the most attractive healthcare markets due to advanced legislative systems and laws.

“The center will pave the way for cooperation and exchange of expertise with public and private bodies and authorities, including the Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health, Dubai Health Authority and Emirates Health Services,” he said.

Musa Alsadoon, Regional Director – ISRP, noted that the choice of Dubai to launch this project comes in light of the emirate’s remarkable achievements in the areas of healthcare innovations and the quality of services it provides in that sector.

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