InVeris Unveils Augmented Reality Military Training System

Integrated combat training systems provider InVeris Training Solutions has unveiled a state-of-the-art weapons training simulator that uses advanced augmented reality technologies.

Called SRCE (See, Repeat, Collective Experience), the training simulator allows up to four soldiers to perform exercises using simulated weapons and tactical equipment. It can also copy actual training facilities to help familiarize participants with the environment.

The technology also makes it possible to measure and compare the performance of each participant by tracking their movements, weapons and even ammunition.

According to InVeris, the augmented reality-based system allows soldiers to collectively see, rehearse and experience a variety of techniques and procedures required during military operations.

Soldiers conduct a drill using simulated weapons and tactical equipment. Photo: In Veris

The technology also eliminates the need for soldiers to play enemy combatants, as it digitally integrates hostile forces, suspects, decoys and hostages. It features an augmented reality head-mounted display that provides realistic immersion without compromising freedom of movement.

“Unprecedented Interactive After Action Review (AAR) collects performance data for statistical analysis of metrics never before available, including muzzle direction, weapon discharge, bullet misses, tracking eyes and head placement,” the company said. noted in a press release.

“Body sensors monitor a trainee’s heart rate, breathing, gaze and other biological signs in real time.”

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