InVeris Training Solutions Unveils SRCE™ – A Revolutionary Augmented Reality Training System

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SUWANEE, Georgia – InVeris Training Solutions, the leading provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems for military, law enforcement and commercial shooting ranges, today unveils SRCE™ (see, repeat , experiment collectively or “source”), a groundbreaking augmented reality-based untethered weapons training simulator. InVeris Training Solutions provides the most advanced augmented reality technology available in a military and law enforcement training simulator, a feat that many industry players previously thought was years away.

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“Augmented reality delivers the best of the virtual and real worlds in a completely realistic, seamless, customizable, and cost-effective way,” said Al Weggeman, CEO of InVeris. “Fitness training facilities can be scanned and augmented to become instant filming rooms by integrating outside content in just minutes. More importantly, we can compare and measure individual and team performance with location tracking in real time with high precision of each participant, weapon and even ammunition.

Critical use of force training can now take place at the point of need or anywhere in the world. This comprehensive, first-of-its-kind immersive technology provides a way to collectively see, rehearse, and experience techniques, tactics, and procedures with real-time location, movement, orientation, and biometric detection for training and operations. SRCE’s proprietary scanning technology allows an instructor to capture the space intended for use as a filming room using a tablet or other device with a high-resolution camera. Hostile forces, suspects, decoys, hostages and other parties are all delivered digitally, eliminating the need for opposition players. SRCE’s ability to create a virtual shooting house on the fly lends itself to active fire training and mission rehearsal. Wearable, untethered technology, including an AR head-mounted display, provides realistic immersion without compromising freedom of movement and is fully compatible with InVeris’ highly accurate BlueFire® simulated weapons.

Unprecedented Interactive After Action Review (AAR) collects performance data for statistical analysis of metrics never before available including muzzle direction, weapon discharge, misses, eye tracking and head placement. Body sensors monitor a trainee’s heart rate, breathing, gaze and other biological signs in real time. Learners can even step back through their previous session, seeing every item played around them as a visualization to review operational performance. This highly immersive AAR creates the optimal opportunity for instructors to increase training loyalty and retention.

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About InVeris Training Solutions

InVeris Training Solutions provides industry-leading training solutions for military, law enforcement, and commercial shooting range owners worldwide. With its legacy companies, FATS ® and Caswell, InVeris Training Solutions has deployed more than 15,500 live firing ranges and 7,500 virtual systems worldwide in its 95-year history. The company is headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, and partners with customers in the United States and around the world from facilities on five continents.

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