Improve your golf game with the help of this low cost training system that can be used anywhere

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Golfers around the world may not agree on the approach, or the clubs used to get the job done, but their goal remains the same: to hit the hole in as few strokes as possible. The ambition to get lower scores requires an improved swing, but it’s no easy task.

The quest to become something close to Tiger Woods can cost enthusiasts thousands of dollars when working by appointment with a professional instructor, and this plan also limits enhancement to a particular time and place. Access a versatile training experience that travels with you as you explore Caddy View Golf Training System: Club, Control and App.

Forget the frustrations of poor swings and any ill-advised golf investment by implementing a realistic and effective plan for your individual needs. For just $69.99, you’ll get a bundle that includes a patented gear system, ball marker, and companion app.

User-friendly for whenever you need it, it’s the cost-effective way to finally conquer the course that’s right for you right now. Eliminate wasted time, wasted swings, and wasted money in one fell swoop with this tool that syncs to your smartphone or tablet and provides visual evidence of your swing’s good, bad, and bad momentum .

An ergonomic remote control, phone holder, extendable mast reaching up to three feet, and a full-featured tripod provide ease of use backed by durable construction.

Compatible with iOS and Android 7.0 or later, the Caddy View is Bluetooth-enabled and lets you interact with swing results. Analyze the process in fast or slow motion, track the ball, compare your swing to a PGA Pro, and export all the footage to give someone else a preview.

Get tips from PGA golfer, Diego Bazin, named by legendary golf instructor, Jim McLean, as one of the best coaches in the world, through the Caddy View app, which includes over 100 instructional videos.

Make 2022 the year you break through with lower golf scores using the Caddy View golf training system: club, control and app. for only $69.99.

Prices subject to change.

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