IHCC Receives Grants for New Law Enforcement Training Center

Indian Hills Community College announced that it has received three grants to support the creation of a new training center for current and future law enforcement officers.

The Van Buren Foundation, Inc., Van Buren County Community Foundation, and Mahaska County Community Foundation each awarded the college $10,000 to help renovate 10,600 square feet of existing space at the workforce at Indian Hills North Campus in Ottumwa. . The center is expected to be available for training in the spring of 2023.

“Currently, our criminal justice program is nomadic. They move around our campus and use any available space for things like hand-to-hand combat training or search and seizure. This space, however, will be theirs. The center will also be used to provide ongoing training to current law enforcement officers throughout the IHCC’s 10 county region.

Dr. Matt Thompson, President of Indian Hills Community College

The center will include a multipurpose training room with movable walls so that instructors can configure the space according to their needs. Other features will include an evidence collection lab, virtual reality training space, classrooms and locker rooms.

The renovation should begin this winter.

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