How a fire alarm and a massage promote the health of our interns

It’s time again: we warmly welcome this year’s 33 trainees and work-study students to the TUI campus in Hannover. To give our new colleagues a good and above all healthy start, we have created Healthy Training Day. What is the purpose of this? We want to show what TUI is doing for the health and well-being of its employees and who the health contact persons are.

The day started for trainees and work-study students with information from the company’s health management: in addition to various preventive health checks and vaccinations, this also included TUI wellness days and a first psychological consultation. The program continued with an overview of various areas of health, which provided participants with valuable information for their professional and private lives.

And then the participants activated themselves: for example, they identified stress factors and developed appropriate solution strategies to promote their psychological well-being. Then things got complicated: they faced a simulated fire alarm, including the evacuation of the building, and received advice on how to set up an ergonomic workstation – an important aspect at the time of the mobile work.

The nutrition theme was also designed to be interactive. In groups, trainees and work-study students worked on the behaviors to adopt in certain eating situations. Subsequently, the ingredient lists of various foods were scrutinized. At the end of this enlightening day, there was a relaxing massage and meditation, during which the participants were able to really relax.

We would like to thank all the colleagues who have concocted this colorful program and contributed to the organization of this day. We wish our new colleagues an eventful time at TUI.

And for all those who are still looking for suitable apprenticeship or work-study training: Do not hesitate to come and see us here. Maybe you will already be at the next TUI Healthy Training Day.

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