Hoogendoorn’s Cuihu training day ends perfectly

On August 18, the “Cuihu Training Day” organized by Hoogendoorn ended at the Cuihu Smart Agriculture Innovation Workshop project. The event aims to consolidate the image of the Cuihu Training Center. At the same time, taking the production of Cuihu Agriculture as an example, it focuses on the use of the IIVO system and invites the producers of large greenhouse parks to report on the spot, aiming to introduce the intelligent environmental control system. greenhouses in an all -round manner and facilitate discussions. The meeting adopts a combination of online and offline methods so that people who cannot be on site can also participate remotely.

The 100,000 square meter multi-spang smart greenhouse of Cuihu Smart Agriculture Innovation Workshop in Shangzhuang, Haidian, started construction in May 2021. It is the first demonstration project of the development plan Beijing’s high-yield agricultural facilities. The park covers an area of ​​about 66 hectares, including a research and development innovation base, a supporting collaboration area and a 200,000 square meter green demonstration greenhouse.

Benjamin, Managing Director of Hoogendoorn

Lin Zhiqiang, Sales Manager of Hoogendoorn, Li Xiugang, Technical Manager of Kingpeng, Mao Taotao, Engineer of Hoogendoorn

Benjamin DEVILLARD, General Manager of Hoogendoorn China, welcomed everyone and expressed his strong desire to help Cuihu Agriculture become a high-tech-university-research horticultural sector for training in the sector.

Liu Xue, Technical Director of Cuihu Agriculture

Liu Xue, head of the technical department of Cuihu Agriculture, introduced the situation of the Cuihu project. The first batch of transplanting was completed on December 31, 2021, and the trial production area is 2.4 hectares. The greenhouse production facility is integrated with multiple systems, and the project’s air conditioning system uses Hoogendoorn’s IIVO system, which is extremely flexible. The training also provided a good learning opportunity for Cuihu’s technical staff.

Shi Zhanhu, technical director of Hoogendoorn

During the training, Shi Zhanhu, the Technical Manager of Hoogendoorn, introduced the attendees to the IIVO system know-how in detail, from system configuration to how to control the application for climate control and temperature regulation. ‘irrigation. Shi said that during irrigation, it can be adjusted in real time according to plant transpiration at different stages, and it can also be “alert” irrigation according to the substrate environment. Continuous data collected by the IIVO system during planting can effectively analyze crop health in the greenhouse, allowing growers to better interpret growing crop needs and make corresponding decisions. Zhao Xue, the representative of LetsGrow China, started with Plant Empowerment and introduced the concept of data-driven planting, which is also the core of the IIVO system, i.e. the use of data generated by sensors and the concept of “energy balance”. , water balance and assimilation balance” advocated in Plant Empowerment, to digitize and computerize the whole production process, to form a comprehensive growth strategy map to help growers of different levels design their own planting plans .

Liu Xiangwei, general manager of Hongfu Agriculture; Yuan Wei, Plantation Manager of Hongfu Agriculture

Hongfu Agricultural Technology and Hoogendoorn have an extensive and long-term partnership. As a senior user of the Hoogendoorn IIVO system, Yuan Wei, planting manager of Hongfu Agriculture’s Ulanqab project, shared his experience of using the system. Yuan Wei said that it is an open and user-friendly operating platform, which can freely create control logic. Whether the grower is a beginner or an “advanced player”, the system can be applied well.

Li Xinxu, general manager of Beijing Cuihu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Xinxu, General Manager of Cuihu Project, shared, “The IIVO system provides an integrated solution for producers, which can be customized and extended, but it also means that it puts forward higher requirements for practitioners and the system more familiar applications. Moreover, Li Xinxu said that the training effect is excellent and innovative. It is based on Cuihu Agriculture’s front-line production project, and park employees can quickly master the use of the IIVO system and turn the project into a Haidian-based facility serving Beijing and spreading throughout the country. In addition, the training also helped the project establish a solid foundation as an innovation base for integrating agricultural industry, university and research.

Alongside this, Dutch planting experts from Hoogendoorn, Paul & Anton, were also invited to make connections on site, share themes on questions raised by growers and answer many professional questions regarding planting, such as the overall temperature control strategy in winter, the management and regulation strategy of water and fertilizer saving in autumn and winter, and the stocking rate of crops under different lighting conditions .

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