Healthy Organizations work on employee wellbeing in new training day


The Healthy Organizations alliance will deepen this Thursday the keys to the physical and emotional health of workers within the framework of corporate strategy during a working day organized, on this occasion, by the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER ).


The Rioja Federation is part of Healthy Organizations along with the Federation of Business Organizations of Soriana (FOES), the Confederation of Business Associations of Burgos (FAE) and SEA Empresas Alavesas.

the webinar ‘Employee experience and well-being (physical and emotional)’ It is intended for Human Resources, quality, managers and prevention managers in the 76,000 companies in Healthy Organizations.

Julia and Elena Pérez (from Pérez & Salcedo) and Carlos Canel (from Aprendiza) will host the conference, which, of a practical nature, is divided into four main areas of work.

‘Working on the employee experience of a healthy company’ is the epigraph that will serve to introduce the activity, which will continue with the analysis of the ‘Position of the company in the physical and emotional health of its workers within the framework of the strategy.

“Examples of simple integration in the digital age” and “The importance of having a well-being plan and how to prepare it” complete the webinar, which will end with the practices applicable in the participating companies.

‘Employee Experience and Wellbeing (Physical and Emotional)’ will start on Thursday March 3rd at 11am and to participate you will need the inscription previous in

Since November 2021, the employers’ associations of Soria, Burgos, Álava and La Rioja have been working together to improve the well-being and health in the area of ​​the 76,000 associated companies and 480,433 workers in the four territories.

This alliance was born from the proposal of the Soriana Federation and is based on the FOESaludable project, organized under the prism of the WHO (World Health Organization) model, based on pillars that consider the physical work environment , the psychosocial sphere, health resources and community participation.

Through its work, Organizations en Santé contributes to the improvement of health at work, which promotes the reduction of absenteeism, the increase in productivity, the improvement of the working environment and the participation of workers, retaining talent or reducing turnover, improving the company’s reputation and lowering healthcare costs.

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