HCSO Adopts WRAP Reality VR Training System

The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department is adopting the WRAP Reality Training System, a fully immersive training simulator, to hone the overall skills of its officers. The system exposes trainees to various scenarios and provides them with a safe environment to practice essential skills, such as de-escalation, conflict resolution, and more. For example, trainers can be placed in schools that have been threatened by suspects to practice the use of force. decision-making skills. Or they will be tasked with investigating a scene and collecting evidence. Currently, the system has 40 unique training scenarios.

Besides versatile scenarios, the WRAP Reality offers great immersion. Compared to the traditional VR police training system which requires trainers to stand in a fixed position, the WRAP Reality allows trainers to walk, jump and move freely in the virtual world. Additionally, trainers can interact with simulated characters in the virtual scenes, just as they will encounter them in real life.

To better replicate the experience of performing essential tasks, the training includes custom controllers that could simulate the necessary law enforcement tools (e.g. BolaWRAP, Taser, impact munitions). Additionally, Reality Rewind can provide the full record of training sessions, shot placement trajectory, accuracy, and more. Trainers can analyze these recordings later to offer constructive feedback to trainees.

Wrap Technologies aims to create cutting-edge technologies for public safety safety and security. Along with WRAP Reality, BolaWrap is the company’s flagship product, a handheld pre-escalation apprehension tool for police to detain uncooperative suspects. This tool has been actively integrated into the WRAP Reality training system to help trainers practice the use of law enforcement tools in various scenarios.

Currently, WRAP Reality has been used in 15 departments across the country.

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