GSI Field Training Center in Chitradurga producing World Class Geologist


Geological Survey of India (GSI) has established its Field Training Center (FTC) in an 11 acres near Chitradurga and has trained thousands of geologists who are working across the country as in various organizations since 1976.

Freshly recruited geologists from various organizations, including GSI, Mining and Geology and other private sectors, are being trained at the FTC, said the director in charge of the FTC, Dr. Mohamed Shareef.

A 40-day orientation course will be exclusively conducted here for newly recruited GSI geologists, geophysicists and chemists in a group of more than 25-30 members. They learn about the collection of geological data, its techniques of interpretation and cartography, relating to Indian geology.

FTC provides training for students of geology courses and helps them acquire knowledge in the field. In addition, geology professors working in colleges and universities, including researchers, also participate in short-term training camps and improve their field knowledge and skills in FTC, Shareef said.

The Chitradurga region has a magnificent geological terrain with the oldest Archaean and greenstone formation combined with highly deformed rocks with hidden folds by polymetallic deposits like gold, silver, copper, nickel and nickel. antimony.

Antimony deposits are found near CK Halli in Chitradurga district only but are not found anywhere in the country, Shareef claimed, adding that it is a feather in the crown of Chitradurga.

2.6 billion year old “pillow lava” structures are found near Maradihalli and have been protected as a Rare Geological Monument by GSI. In addition, ‘spinifex-textured komatiite’ more than 3.3 billion years old has also been discovered in the area. The existence of these two rare geological features would reveal that the Chitradurga region was under water and was in an underwater state. Due to the sudden cooling of hot lava with water, pillow lava and spinifex-textured komatiites were formed, evidence of volcanism and the underwater state, Shareef said.

We have maintained a stratigraphic column of rock types based on the oldest at the bottom and youngest at the top chronology, as well as a rock garden with a museum of core samples of diamondiferous kimberlites, gold, d silver and other mineral veins to the FTC, said Parusharama Gangaikoppa and Laxmi Nandan Deori, the FTC’s lead and offending geologists.

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