Genshin Impact: Dragonspine Special Training – Agility Training Day 4 Guide

The final day of the special Dragonspine training event has arrived, and with that comes the final stage of agility training. Like the other stages, this one will have you racing through an obstacle course as fast as you can to earn rewards.

The faster you complete the course, the more points you will earn. You can also earn points by collecting as many badges as you can along the way. Like day one, you’ll need 30,000 points to claim all possible rewards today.

Like day one, you can earn 30 Primogems, up to 90,000 Mora, Weapon Enhancement Ores, and 240 Snowstrider Emblems. You can redeem Snowstrider Emblems in the in-game Event Store, where you can get upgrade materials for the Cinnabar Spindle.

The teleport point is north of Wyrmrest Valley, as shown below. There will also be a symbol to the left of the Waypoint, telling you where to go.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

Throughout the obstacle course, you can collect a variety of items to increase your score. Coin-like badges will increase your points. There are also “blessings” which act as buffs for your characters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Galespring Blessings (left) increases your character’s jump height, which is important when ice blocks are in your way. Meanwhile, Ironskin Blessings will allow you to completely shatter those ice blocks, rendering them useless. Collect them to increase your time. There are also balls of light that will recharge energy, allowing you to sprint for longer.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Recommended characters

As in recent days, there is a lot of verticality in this obstacle course where you have to cross a mountain. Kazuha remains the best option for a class like this, so you can reset all errors with his elemental skill. Sale is also a good backup option, just like last day.

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