Flexible training system simulates realistic CNC operations

Photo credit: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announces the deployment of HxGN Machine Trainer. According to Hexagon, manufacturers, educators and students can take advantage of the new operator-programmer trainer in a minimal physical footprint right on the factory floor or in the classroom.

The HxGN Machine Trainer presents realistic machine preparation scenarios and provides interchangeable CNC controls to cover different types of machine language mentoring. The flexible training system also hosts a wide selection of digital twins of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) of various sizes and brands to simulate mechanical design. Technical and career enhancement instruction can be provided for mentorships, internships, micro-certificates, or traditional education programs in the manufacturing labor market.

HxGN Machine Trainer is based on the next generation of NCSIMUL and I++ simulation software, combining software and hardware to create a solution that claims to be practical and easy to learn. Based on modeled machine kinematic digital twins, the HxGN Machine Trainer presents extensive learning opportunities using realistic simulations for milling, mill-turning, and CMM operation in three to five axes. Specific situations such as crashes or machine restarts can be emulated to mimic operational or emergency procedures.

HxGN Machine Trainer is considered a safe tool to learn and validate new and existing production and inspection procedures. With simulated training, manufacturers can protect their equipment investments, while educational institutions can forgo costly equipment investments and the associated large footprint for industrial equipment.

HxGN Machine Trainer includes machining instruction documents and G-code (DNC) machining program transfer to set tool and setup offsets directly at the control panel and prepare for machining. After having virtually machined various diagrams of practical work, the student can control the part using a metrology option. Machining and inspection reports are generated automatically, along with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) ratings for analysis as part of the continuous improvement process. The training system can use existing measurement routines and facilitate the development of new programs in teach mode or offline mode with the CAD model.

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