First Look: Garmin Delta SE Training System

Garmin International, Inc. announced the Delta SE laptop and necklace. Using Garmin’s dog-training technology, the new ergonomic handheld offers a user-friendly form factor. Whether at home or on the hunt, Delta SE’s simple one-handed operation allows you to focus on the dog, not the handheld device.

“For years, trainers of all skill levels have chosen the Garmin Delta series as their trusted tool for their dog training needs. We listened to customer feedback and built on the heritage of the Delta series to create our most intuitive handheld dog training device to date – Delta SE,” said Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales at Garmin. “The streamlined, no-frills training interface is intentionally designed so trainers can learn Quickly adapt to Delta SE and the specific training situation at hand. And, with the integration of Garmin’s proven canine technology, trainers will have the tool they can rely on for beginner or advanced training sessions.

The Delta SE handheld is a lightweight, screenless remote trainer that leverages simple three-button operation. Users can choose tonal, continuous or momentary correction settings using dedicated buttons on the handheld. A touch dial on top of the handheld is used to change between 10 different stimulation levels to suit the dog’s temperament and training situation, along with an auxiliary setting to change the tone knob to a vibration setting. The palm-sized handheld weighs just three ounces, making it small enough to slip into a pocket when not in use or light enough to attach to a lanyard.

The Delta SE terminal can be combined with the new Delta SE collars or the existing Delta XC and PT 10 collars. The new Delta SE collars use interchangeable long or short plastic contact points for increased comfort and easier wear, as well as a new collar retention bar to help prevent dogs from getting caught in objects such as fences, tree branches and debris. Using the slide switch on the side of the handheld, Delta SE users can train up to two dogs 800 yards in the same training session. This fully sealed up-down slide switch allows users to switch between dogs confidently and quickly at any time. And with up to 70 hours of battery life and USB-C charging, Delta SE is there when you need it. To learn more, visit MSRP: $249.99

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