Fire Training Center Renamed in Honor of Former Chief Bob Adrian | News

The Tahlequah City Council, at a meeting on April 4, approved the name change of the Fire Regional Training Center.

Tahlequah Fire Chief Casey Baker, who requested the agenda item, said former Chief Bob Adrian started with the fire department in 1971 and retired in 2000 after 29 years. on duty.

“During his years of service, Bob felt the need to have a training venue where it could be a more controlled environment instead of actual on-the-job training,” Baker said. .

Adrian asked his chiefs if he could pursue funding for a training center in the late 1980s. Baker said that with the help of state officials, they secured funding for the ” burned city” in the 1990s.

“The training center has expanded today to add a skills building, classroom and many props used to train county and state firefighters,” Baker said.

The training center has saved the city and county thousands of dollars by providing a local training base.

“Because of Bob’s vision, the training center has made the city and county better trained firefighters and the community a safer place. It is with my recommendation, along with all of the county fire departments, that the Tahlequah Regional Fire Training Center be renamed the Chief Bob Adrian Regional Fire Training Center,” Baker said.

Later, during the Consent Agenda, Ward 2 Councilor Keith Baker requested that the monthly check register approval for March be removed.

“I just wanted to question, I guess on page 6 we have a check for $24,063 destined for Native American Fuels. When was the contract offer published? he asked Mayor Sue Catron.

The mayor said she should extract this information for Baker and indicated that airport manager Brian Lambert was present because he was the one who requested the fuel delivery.

“But we are now looking at the list of checks, so do you have a question about the check?” Catron asked Baker.

Baker replied that he was asking if the company the check was made out to was in fact the company the city should give it to, or if the offer was properly made.

Catron told Baker that this needed to be discussed and covered at another time, as she didn’t have those answers.

“I can give you the answer if you want; I don’t think it was an offer,” he said.

Catron asked him what action he would like for the agenda item, and Baker replied that he wanted to bring the matter to everyone’s attention.

“I suspect Native American Fuels, we didn’t make an offer,” he said.

Catron said this item would be on the agenda for the next city council.

The council has not taken any action regarding the advertisement for the budgeted position of a part-time animal control officer, as it will discuss this at a later date.

In other cases, the council gave special recognition to solid waste and street service. Human Resources Director M’Lynn Pape said she wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the men and women in each department.

“They work hard every day, and [I want to] recognize them for the special service they gave to the community during the recent snow storms we had a few weeks ago,” she said. “These employees make every effort to meet the needs of the community.

Solid Waste Superintendent Chris Armstrong praised each member of the team. He said he went back and looked at the number of residences they couldn’t get to because of the snow.

“I think you need to know who we have working for us instead of these numbers. Many of our people live in the county [and] I can name about five people on the list of 22 men who live in the city,” Armstrong said.

He said crew members parked their vehicles as close to town as possible during February snowstorms and asked to come in to work.

“I have people who want, if they can’t get to work, they want me to drive my truck to pick them up, instead of taking the easy route and saying, ‘It’s snowing and I don’t. ‘don’t go,'” Armstrong said.

Street Commissioner Kevin Smith said he and Armstrong were lucky to have the crews they had, and other department heads were also lucky to have their employees.

Fire Captain Kenny Barnes was recognized for his 20 years of service to TFD.

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The next Tahlequah City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 18 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

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