EA needs to revamp FIFA tactics and training system

Recent Fifa titles had quite a few extra features that enhanced offline modes by providing a level of immersion for manager or player roles. However, two key features, Training and Tactics, have been largely underutilized due to the lack of depth they provide for gameplay moments. These features need to be revamped in the future. Fifa titles, with EA placing more emphasis on these areas to make it more satisfying when building a team and managing how the team will play in-game and during simulations.


Training and tactics are essential parts of football, and excelling in both often gives teams the advantage in most matches. However, Fifa hasn’t added much to these features over the years, rendering them obsolete. This is especially true in offline modes, where fans can simply rely on the team’s ranking and their skill in playing the game to win matches. This turned game modes like Manager mode into a race to get the best players rather than a systematic hoarding of young talent.

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FIFA training function

FIFA training mini-game

The training was recently introduced in Fifa and gave fans the opportunity to accelerate the development of certain players. During training, fans have the opportunity to play certain mini-games that will improve the stats of the selected players and can improve their overall rating. However, the simulation function in the training mode allowed Fifa fans to unrealistically improve a player’s stats with little effort and in a short period of time.

This issue is most apparent in Player Career Mode, where fans will only need to practice to level up and earn skill points. The freedom offered by skill points is minimized by the fact that they are extremely easy to obtain. With the practice mode’s simulation feature, fans will only need to play three sessions and get the highest score once before simulating those same three sessions to earn a large amount of skill points. experience. Even though playing new sessions provides a slight increase in experience points, the difference is only noticeable at extremely high levels when the created player has already achieved an extremely high overall rating.

The FIFA Tactics System


Tactics played an important role in Fifa and let fans change the way their team approaches situations in any game. They can dictate how a team will perform on defense and what their basic attacking style is. However, the tactical system that Fifa employs is lacking in many departments and doesn’t offer fans the ability to truly control how their team plays. This lack of depth is most apparent during simulations, as the game decides which team will dominate a game based on player ratings rather than tactical superiority. This removes any sort of challenge from of FIFA Manager mode, especially for fans used to playing against the AI

Fixing the tactics system is key to ensuring that fans have to rely on more than just their ability to play the game well. This would make Manager mode a more viable and challenging option, as players would have to set tactics for each opponent they face off, increasing the sense of progression in Create-A-Club as players make their mark on how the club is run. . This removes the need for any sort of luck and could provide a more realistic ebb and flow in every game. It would also help fans understand exactly what areas of their teams are lacking and what kind of players can excel in their tactical setup.

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Solve the problem

FIFA Training Development Plan

Training and tactics can be greatly improved to make offline game modes more enjoyable and rewarding for fans. By upgrading each system, Manager Mode and Player Career Mode would turn into experiences where fans are required to develop their own management and training techniques. Training will need to be improved to allow player development to take place over multiple sessions rather than just granting a stat boost after each game. This would require daily rather than weekly training, which would also be more realistic in relation to a player’s natural development.

For Fifa To give players an in-game challenge, EA will need to improve the tactics system and force players to rely more on tactics rather than individual players. This is more apparent to any fan trying to lead a small team to the top of their respective country in Manager mode. Giving fans the ability to customize different stages of attacks, create new set-piece strategies, and form different defensive systems based on the opponent’s attack will provide a more immersive tactical system. This depth of tactical gameplay will allow weaker teams to compete against stronger teams and remove the repetitive nature of Manager Mode.

With FIFA 23 Slated to launch in 2022, fans are hoping the game is a step in the right direction for a series that has dominated the sports genre in games for decades. Although there have been no significant changes to offline game modes since FIFA 08, future titles have the opportunity to finally excite fans for this aspect of releases. With the success that WWE 2K22 had after the worst iteration of this series, there’s more hope surrounding the sports gaming community than franchises like Fifa and mad will release games that will bring major improvements.

FIFA 23 is currently in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.

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